How to Delete Old Post Revision in WordPress

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    In this section we’ll cover two methods of permanently removing old post revisions from your WordPress site’s database.

    Those of you who are familiar (and comfortable) with SQL queries can go with the first method. But if you’d prefer using a plugin then go ahead and skip right down to the second method.

    Method 1: Deleting Post Revisions Using Code

    Deleting post revisions from your database is one of those things that you should be able to do without having to install a plugin (although there are plugins for it too which we’ll cover next). I mean, you’re trying to save space and installing a plugin goes against that.

    In order to delete all of your past post revisions from your site’s database, go to your site’s PHPMyAdmin and execute the following SQL query:

    DELETE from wp_posts WHERE post_type = “revision”;

    This SQL query removes all posts from your database that have post_type = “revision”. Some webmasters might want to create a backup of their database prior to running this query as an added security measure. In my personal opinion, it’s always best to make backups of your database before you make drastic changes to it.

    Method 2: Deleting Post Revisions Using A Plugin

    Although deleting post revisions from your WordPress site can be accomplished by running a single SQL query, some webmasters will find it easier to install a plugin and let it do all the work. This might be because the plugin has added benefits (database maintenance, removes excess files etc.) or simply because they’re not comfortable with programming.

    Advanced Database Cleaner:

    db cleaner

    Advanced Database Cleaner enables users to gain finer control over their WordPress site’s post revision system. With its simple one-click functionality.

    The plugin also Clean up database by deleting orphaned items such as ‘trash posts’, ‘spam comments’, optimize database and more…

    Better Delete Revision:

    The Better Delete Revision plugin removes redundant post revisions from your WordPress site’s database in addition to the meta-data that is associated with them including tags and relationships. The plugin is careful not to mess with your site’s published content or posts that have been scheduled to be posted.

    Most webmasters, even those that are familiar with WordPress programming, often choose to remove post revisions using this plugin because it also performs some light database optimization.

    If you’ve been publishing posts on your WordPress site for a few years now then removing the old post revisions will clear up a significant amount of space for you on your database.

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